Why lust for freedom

The question many of you are asking:

Why shop at Freedom Lust?

Well, there are a few reasons why!

1. We value sustainability and design clothing that is manufactured under fair working conditions, consists of up to 100% organic cotton and is by no means subject to the logistical madness of other suppliers! Our products are also certified by PETA and the FairWear Foundation , among others.

2. We are not selfish! Of course we want to make money with this company, but we want to share our growth with you and offer an affiliate program that benefits everyone! The big goal is to create a huge community together that share the vision of freedom with us!

3. We are two young people who summed up the theme of time in one word. A time that is very difficult for everyone. My grandmother once told me that one day I would be able to unite people through passion and solidarity! I hope she's right!

True success will never be measured in numbers. It's not measurable. But the hope does not die that this society will move closer together again, approach each other and feel good about the idea of ​​"lust for freedom".

Be a part of it all!

Take care of yourselves! Stay healthy!

Best regards, Johnny & Yannis

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