Zusammenhalt für einen guten Zweck!

Teamwork for a good cause!

Cohesion is always good, but indispensable in special situations!

Each of us has seen the terrifying images of the flood disaster and is dismayed! People lost all their belongings. People got injured and even died. Scenarios that leave us breathless and wondering what we can do to help.
An uncontrolled chaos has ensued. People from all over Germany got in their cars and set off to offer their help! Honorable deeds that only fueled the chaos. Crowded freeways and back roads blocked for assistance vehicles. But who knows what is the right thing to do in such an exceptional situation?

Lisa from our #teamfreiheitslust was affected herself and brought us closer to the extent of the catastrophe. We didn't want to sit around perfectly and let Lisa tell us which help would make the most sense in the situation.

The result was shirts with the inscription #WIR.

A call for strength and cohesion, because nobody is alone!

The profits from our organic shirts were donated by Freiheitslust to the German Red Cross district association Südwestpfalz. In total, a small sum of 250€ was raised!

We would like to give a special thank you to our Lisa, who despite her own loss gave her all every day at the front!

We would also like to thank the Donau-Ries Clinic (especially Johnny's Mama), which carries by far the largest share of the donated sum!

So it shows once again that this nation is there for each other in hard times. Keep it up!

your Yannis

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