We introduce you to the mountain village of Vrahasi on the island of Crete! 🇬🇷

Our media creator Johnny has been living on the island for 1 year and now knows where to get the most beautiful moments of freedom.
The Greek tradition is not found in the tourist strongholds on the coast. Life at home really takes place in the mountains.
Small winding streets, flat roofs and roof terraces characterize the image of the village of Vrahasi. Surrounded by mountains and pure nature. Many locals cannot afford to go to the supermarket and have been growing their own fruit and vegetables for generations.
The well-known griffon vultures and eagles can be observed here. Huge cacti climb the steep mountain slopes.
Lemon, orange and olive trees characterize the gardens.
Vrahasi is definitely worth a visit, the tavern owners are happy about every single visitor!
Here's the video:
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