Our fashion collections 👕🩳🧢

You can now get hold of products from 3 collections in our online shop!
But what is the story behind it? And what characterizes each one?
We start chronologically.
Collection 1:
With the start of our online shop in April 2021, our Collection 1 also went online.
Our freedom logo was in the foreground.
What does freedom mean to you? We positioned this question in the middle to emphasize the expressiveness of our fashion brand.
We have reached a great fan community in the field of campers and van life on our social media channels. Travel enthusiasts, travelers and holidaymakers were enthusiastic about our products. In February 2022 we expanded the product range.
Collection 2:
Our summer collection was released in June. With the logo of our consonants we achieved the desired "streatwear effect".
It should be emphasized that each product consists of 100% sustainable materials.
(Click here for the video of the organic cotton)
collection 3
Just as sustainable as "Super Basic": The 3rd collection focuses on our symbol - the freedom eagle.
Simple, elegant and of high quality.
It was released punctually in autumn last year and stands for our winter collection. The extraordinary autumn colors are striking here.
Click here for the video https://youtu.be/Cte5GbhXyLE
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