Unser erster Partner: Olivenöl-Hersteller Eleutheria!

Our first partner: olive oil producer Eleutheria!

We welcome our first cooperation partner on the lust for freedom marketplace:

The sustainable olive oil producer Eleutheria.

Eleutheria sources its extra virgin olive oil from Greece, or rather, directly from the island of Crete. Directly from the olive grove, pressed in the factory on site and provided without additives, Eleutheria offers the natural olive oil in practical 0.5 liter bottles.
This oil convinces with its intense taste of the olive and proves its quality with its light green color.

eleutheria; in German: freedom.
Just one indication of why this partnership fits so well into the portfolio of our marketplace.

You want to support us and our partner and at the same time bring a piece of Greek culture into your kitchen?

Click here:

Eleutheria olive oil from Crete - desire for freedom

You can also find more information on our Instagram account:


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