Sustainability & fashion to touch!

It's developing so positively! We remove one stone after the other in order to be successful with our vision. And also thanks to your support!

With the second collection (CLLCTN 2) we are bringing something completely new to the market. New supplier, new selection of products and completely different design options. It feels like we're evolving into an up-and-coming fashion label.
"Take it easy with the young horses" is what we say in the north. One after the other!

The next milestone is the release of our new collection on July 7th, 2021. We are currently planning and organizing a showroom in our office in Jever.

This should become a space of sustainability. All the products of our CLLCTN 2 hang here in all color variants.
Everyone should have the opportunity to convince themselves of the quality. (And of course also to order directly :) )

So make sure you make an appointment:

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