Mach‘ dich bereit für den Winter! 🥶❄️

Get ready for winter! 🥶❄️

We have had a warm, sunny and beautiful summer. Now it's getting colder outside and we have to fall back on our warm companion.

I don't know about you, but I've always spent my money on quality and durability. The same with my winter jackets and parkers! Once properly invested, you can benefit from it for several years!

But what I've been missing in my wardrobe so far is an environmentally friendly alternative to the usual fast fashion.

I am all the more proud that our lifestyle brand Freedomslust can now offer two different winter jackets!
The best part? Both products are 100% made from sustainable materials. Both the puffer jacket and the winter parker are made of recycled polyester and give you a good conscience towards your environment in addition to the unique wearing comfort.

You still haven't found a suitable jacket to start the cold season ready for winter?

Take a look at our home page or in the "Jackets" category!

Secure your piece of freedom!

PS: with the code "WINTER15" you save 15% on your winter jacket!

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