Erweiterung der Collection 1 mit neuen Produkten & einen Einblick in unsere Textilveredelung!

Expansion of Collection 1 with new products & an insight into our textile finishing!

Now the time has come - from now on you will find new caps, jackets and sweaters in our Collection 1 and can thus get hold of the current fashion trends from us!

Here are the products:

Menu -> New Stuff

In addition, our media creator Johnny has taken a closer look at some products and goes into our refinements in a short video!

"We stick to our basics, but bring them to a high level of quality."

You can see that in the selection of raw materials, in the processing and in the finishing of our freedom products.

"With our modern processes for digital direct printing, flex and flock printing, sublimation, screen printing, transfer printing and embroidery, we always ensure quality at the highest level."

Here is the video:

(63) Lust for Freedom - Refinement - YouTube

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