The importance of organic cotton. 🌿🌱🧶

Did you know that the textile industry emits more CO2 annually than all international flights and cruises combined?
That's why we exclusively chose organic cotton as the raw material for our Collection 2 and the Super Basic Collection.
Here is Collection 2:
Click here for the Super Basic Collection:
Because compared to conventional cotton, this results in 46% less impact on global warming.
You can also view the associated certificates here.
Our media creator Johnny has described this topic in a video and goes into further advantages of this raw material:
-70% less acidification of land and water
-91% less space and groundwater consumption
- only 0.9% of the annual cotton production is organic(!!)
We want to change that and motivate people to rethink!
Do your part and consume sustainably, fairly and qualitatively!
Here is the video on YouTube:
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